after glow

this after glow
shines as brightly
as the first star
ever saw

my pants are dirty

the animals rob energy from me

this is the way it spells itself

I have no controle
over the taking and giving

words are more dangerous than
nuclear bombs riding surfboards
on a sunami

hurt is what hurt does

I will pet you now
until you purr

smack dab in the middle of sadness

smack dab in the middle of sadness
is where the pearl makes the oyster
the sky supports the moon
the sun burns

two reasons why
the frog sings
wet and slippery songs
in the morning of her day

the earth is our tenishoe
we run fast
from our youth

killing and eating what is in our way
crying tears into our throats
so that no one can see

I am just like you
reading my book
from the last page
to the first

spank me doctor
so I can breath

it only took a minute

time is the reason

time gave me the reason to live
working backwards into light
shining moon phrases
barking dog moments
cat meeeows

born alone
I scratch my own back

tulips bloowm of thier owwn accord

being not responsible for this
I swimtoward new truths

small children remind me of my youth

small actions of the brain
seem to youthinize me

running free now
tethers cut
ropes made of soft cloth
and keep me warm
as I use them for blankets
harm is a useless dream
hoping for a car to own

tools are a way of avoiding your fingers

bacon tastes good

have a goat at it

cups half emty

passion made a visit to a lonesome musician
painting a self portrait
with colors not of this world

left alone with the smile of knowing
tears ran down the face of the mountains

the seemingly strong efforts of the caring people
created a vacancy in the hearts of the travelers

inside this
a secret

the patience of the lover
taps the foot
to the blues rythm

glad to have not given it away
the traveller incorporates the dictinary of all time

searching for the word that explains
his heroism

strength has no muscle
but is as weak as the bending willow

clearly the juice of the new milenium
offers a step in a nuetral direction

having colored many pictures
my painting fingers are tired
as so are yours

blisters turn to caluses
hardened softness
hoping to be kissed
redeemed flying a new flag
without war

internal or external

the solution mixing itself
in the peetre dish of opportunity

while the everglades freeze the moment
for all eternity to read

the kindest word

the kindest word walks with soft moccasins on the softest of dirt
looking with the kindest of eyes at where she is going to put her feet. I am not good at doing this perfectly. plauged with kindness I try to touch the edges of this elusive truth , stuck in a damp sleeping bag, I dream wet thoughts about a tomorrow that brings me love.

confinement of the mind

after looking at the sun
the reflextion gave me dizzy reflextions
of the possible tomorrow
stampeeding awareness
helped me to see
the holes trying to trip me

anger as a weapon

the dagger sleeping
venom on the night stand

juxtaposed love

this sadness needs no explianation

when backwards
the love fights harder

time is the hammer
pounding the hot metal into the shape

while the past fucks with the rythim
of quiet possibilitie

the stage was set

at birth

for you to change it

naked on the beach

I said
small words looking for an owner

well behaved preachers
lonesome in there brd

class wars
end up

my grandma never waisted her time
with this

if i tried to tell you anything
it would backfire

the trouble with trouble is

jesus never cared about
what his clothes looked like

dressing up for church is for children

football games remind of coaches
small children chasing balls
while dog
shows the way
to the punnishment
of commitment

the wounded dog
the homosapien
of awareness with salt

do you love your dog????

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha

my dog lives in my heart

as the people drift
like sea foam
crusty and bubbly scum
trying to be pretty
on top of an ocean
that doesnt care

who is this fault
crying for a story?

blame is the game no one can play

fingers tired and rotting in the wind
as they point at themselves

my beauty awaits
self knowledge

incripted on the oldest of stones
that never told a lie
about how old they were

this curse of self awareness
wares the most beautiful of fabric
to discaim the lie of time

your skin is a temporary vessle
for what you already know you are

I landed on this planet
to share this

your words are more precious than water to a thirsty horse
our hearts make small baskets while yearning for bigger baskets to be possible

It is nobodys fault
guilt is the devils margerin

make a pickle out of the devil

add spice and flavor

the shit will taste better

the day I let the animals into my corall

This glowing june bug
mating with my firefly

giving birth to a 13 legged
flying spider

who parked itself
on speakers corner

where all is valid
free to the listener
and the speaker

As a flying spider
bugs and sustinance
no longer a worry

no longer spending my days
pooping out webs
get blown away by the winds

No more birds
flying through my web
laughing at my efforts

to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild

now my tool of choice

I have a zebra
living in my little finger

I call her pinkie

the crockadile
rests in my groin

the hippo
in my hip
of course

Birds in my brain
chasing bugs

sustaining each other

snakes in my feet
grounding me

Elephants have room
in my torso

Tigers run free
in my left arm

Skunks in my heart
repelling bad energy

mice having sex in my knee cap
to feed the snakes in my feet

Buffalo travel
the length
of my intestines
looking for new pasture

Flowers sprout
from my pretty asshole

Hawlk flies free
in my lung space
catching the updraft
of my breath

Cats sleep
with my lizzards
in my brain

Deer teach my eyes
to see

Girrafe extends
my kneck
to reach the leaves

chickens live in my balls
making fruit

teach me of patience

As the bees polinate
my spirit
for new growth

Bears teach me to dream

Antilope in my stomouch
eat and be eaten
she comes to me
offering food

traveling the length of my body
reporting the good news

honk honk honk

Fish swim in my bladder
asking and telling
not a soul
thier thoughts

frog on top of my head
nestled in my hair
calling for rain

While the vulture
cleans up the mess

without a thank you

co cheeze

the native alien opperative

gave thanks to the tiny mamals that
saved his family

whithin a three month period
many have died


am leaft alone
with this knowledge

My lover rides her horse
in the dark
with moonlight
assisting the way

bibles are
typing out
new phrases as we speak

Tired and scared children

draw pictures
of the future
with charcoal

Black and white
Blue,Yellow, Greeen,
Chartreuse Dreams

Thae Glory you saw
as a child
Left you meek
& mild

The wave that crashes
against the rock
is actually
for the rock

Breaking small pieces
of the past

To be reoffered
to sustinance….


I looked at a cloud
She didn’t care
what I thought
She looked like…

Dreams are for dreamers
My saddle blanket is
I can’t give you
what I
don’t know


Ther was an
about Tuesday

on a Sunday….

Poor poor Armidillo

They stink
if you’re not a rabbit

Back at home now
I realised
I left
nothing behind

As the circle

I will take a piss
& think about you

Danger is the reason
why we live

Risk made me a pancake
with sausage beans & eggs

while my beloved
rides Pachanga
in the night

Three winter sparrows
go to speach therapy

This common bond of disfunction
the fuel for
I gave at the Blood
one says….
The other two wait
for the oppertunity
to say
something smarter

Three spiders enter
offering Language
in reguards to how
to speak of such

The spiderweb
digitally vibrating
creates a dust
No man can see
But only Interpret
with all the senses
activated at once

Three people stood up to
the plate…
The Father The Son & The Holy Ghost
In the name
of the Father
The Son
& The Holy Ghost….

What about Mary?

Her Vagina rules!
The World!

I saw you
thinking about this

My Ghost
Plays Poker with yours
Honest Poker
We all win
Cajun Metamorphysus
Death Becoming

How to retread
a tire for free

The only time to hunt
is at night.

Have a hard
time escaping
The Harvest

Dirt is not a
She likes weeds
& corn alike
Mice have long
amongst other mice

It took me 7 days
To gather
enough Chaff

To put back in the

The balance of the forgotten things
Leaves me hopeful

Sometimes I cry
with a big smile
on my face

I have skinny-dipped
with both my mother &
my mother -in-law

I shared a glass of wine
with a preacher
and fell in Love

Last time I checked
Love has
at least
4 legs

As the spider
re-enters the picture
calmly dispensing

Full of ideas
made of eggs

seeking silence again

like a baby
for silence

Reborn into
Chronic Waisting Disease

Every Disease
that is named
comes into Fruition

Broken Travelers
Given up the Ghost
and admit

When I endanger
you endanger me