Stacy & Amanda’s Barnstro 2012 Prewinter Suarre’

Stacy & Amanda’s

Barnstro 2012

Prewinter Suarre’

I feel at home here

Though it’s not my home

has something to do with

The particlulates

in the air

The hair documents

Stuck in the chair

From previous attempts

at Being fair

The cleanest place

I’ve ever been is a Spokane Indians home

Never Vacuumcleaned

1/2 inch of dirt on the floor

Dirt gives Back

Then gives more

The dirtiest place

I had to smell

Fabreze & perfume

on The Shelf

Boob Jobs & facelifts

Told what they felt

The filthiest place

I ever felt

Friendship &

Like a Blanket

you see

I like a Blanket

with holes

So I can feel The Breeze

Tator tot casserole

& The cocks that Tease

I’ll take my amount

if you please

It’s hard to live

on the stars above

hard to live on

homo sapien Love

Traded in my wheelchair

for a crutch

Traded in my crutch

for a truck with a clutch

Traded in that truck

for a 5 cent & dime

Sellin kids candy

all of the time

I got to The Middle

Backed up a step

Rearranging the cards

I’m dealt

don’t wanna win

Just wanna Be felt

heard touched

preened & smelt


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