When The Earth Sends a Message

When The Earth Sends a Message

How small you are

Playin golf at the country club

or Drinkin at the Bar

Shoppin at the Mall

Tryin to be a star

Then the Earth sends a message

about who you are

The Child inside wakes up again

Just want a sandwich

& a reliable friend

Nothin fancy in time

Do I depent

When the Earth sends a message

all over again

It’s the same little message

Bout 3 words long

Love thy Neighbor

Love their song

Listen to the music

When She Kicks in

Never Say Never

as the day is long

Never miss the water

Till the well runs dry

Forget about the Stars

Shine in The Sky

Lettin that Love

Pass on By

Till The Earth sends a

message you Best abide

Patient as a rock

Honest as a tree

Can’t Love you

If you don’t love me

Gifted With 2 of Those eyes

To See

Tellin me The truth

Since I came to Be

But my Ears got Clogged

with the wax & wain

Trouble in The Bubble

of my own refrain

Till The Earth sent a messaged

Better Listen again

Talkin all the time

Never say what you mean

was given This mouth

full of revelry

usin’ it to cheat

usin’ it to steal

usin’ it to make

your next deal

Till The Earth sends a message

you got to feel. . . . .

When cold & wet

It all Becomes real. . . .

People all cryin

No place to stay

Sittin on Their couch

Just yesterday

Don’t mean to preach

Don’t mean to Pout

But there’s somethin in

The message

will get out.

with or without you

The Beat goes on

Till the Drum Skin Breaks

~ don’t have a song

So you’ve got yours

I’ve got mine

put it all together

everything’s fine

Like the loaves & fishes

multiplyin. . . . .

There’s plenty for all

on her Big round Back!

Some with a Little

Some with a stack!

Come topplin down

We’re all on The Rack!

Push too hard

She won’t come Back!

No more messages

From her you hear

No mouth. No eyes.

No hands.

No Ears.


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