silence is not golden unless it comes from your lips

I wish your vagina

could tell me a soothing story

about my childhood

with no  references

to salt or fish

just flowers and light

who was it made the vagina

a bad place to be?

and how do we work this out?

The vagina works hard to emulate heaven

But first one must admit

   that it’s beauty

           full of blood

               does no wrong

                        has no sin

                                or past

                                      or future

It is the Sea men

smell like fish

and point the finger at the flower

as if they can not smell   

      It’s essence

             before they entered the room

She smelled like rose pettals

that cared not if smelt

or touched or felt

I am Vagina

hear me wisper

My healthy vagina

needs no excuses

and does not need to be excused from this table

or any other

This god created vagina

is not christian   or muslim  or jew or indian

I am vagina

born with no excuses

Bueatiful birthgiver

of the homosapien race

Proud and strong


shed no tears

while crying daily

Back up Sea Men

and look at what

You have been missing

     While dreaming of mermaids

                  And Spanking monkies

Rev up your motorcycle

Mount it

feel the rattle and humm

of the next closest thing

to honoring a woman

My Horse has Vagina

as well as squirrel

as well as my mother

brought me into this world

Not pussy or Cunt

Clit Slit or Clamb


here I am

Not Cooter, Not CRevice

Snatch or the Patch

To the beautiful

Vagina I’m trying to lift

from the shame

and derision

she was not born with

Filled with hair

and juices and blood

from all time


You think it a riddle

I see as a rhyme

Comfort blankets

the hill wont be climbed

the offer of Love

and feeling sublime


My mind in a pasture


No women around


I saw a Vagina



like a Cloud.


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