co cheeze

the native alien opperative

gave thanks to the tiny mamals that
saved his family

whithin a three month period
many have died


am leaft alone
with this knowledge

My lover rides her horse
in the dark
with moonlight
assisting the way

bibles are
typing out
new phrases as we speak

Tired and scared children

draw pictures
of the future
with charcoal

Black and white
Blue,Yellow, Greeen,
Chartreuse Dreams

Thae Glory you saw
as a child
Left you meek
& mild

The wave that crashes
against the rock
is actually
for the rock

Breaking small pieces
of the past

To be reoffered
to sustinance….


I looked at a cloud
She didn’t care
what I thought
She looked like…

Dreams are for dreamers
My saddle blanket is
I can’t give you
what I
don’t know


Ther was an
about Tuesday

on a Sunday….

Poor poor Armidillo

They stink
if you’re not a rabbit

Back at home now
I realised
I left
nothing behind

As the circle

I will take a piss
& think about you

Danger is the reason
why we live

Risk made me a pancake
with sausage beans & eggs

while my beloved
rides Pachanga
in the night

Three winter sparrows
go to speach therapy

This common bond of disfunction
the fuel for
I gave at the Blood
one says….
The other two wait
for the oppertunity
to say
something smarter

Three spiders enter
offering Language
in reguards to how
to speak of such

The spiderweb
digitally vibrating
creates a dust
No man can see
But only Interpret
with all the senses
activated at once

Three people stood up to
the plate…
The Father The Son & The Holy Ghost
In the name
of the Father
The Son
& The Holy Ghost….

What about Mary?

Her Vagina rules!
The World!

I saw you
thinking about this

My Ghost
Plays Poker with yours
Honest Poker
We all win
Cajun Metamorphysus
Death Becoming

How to retread
a tire for free

The only time to hunt
is at night.

Have a hard
time escaping
The Harvest

Dirt is not a
She likes weeds
& corn alike
Mice have long
amongst other mice

It took me 7 days
To gather
enough Chaff

To put back in the

The balance of the forgotten things
Leaves me hopeful

Sometimes I cry
with a big smile
on my face

I have skinny-dipped
with both my mother &
my mother -in-law

I shared a glass of wine
with a preacher
and fell in Love

Last time I checked
Love has
at least
4 legs

As the spider
re-enters the picture
calmly dispensing

Full of ideas
made of eggs

seeking silence again

like a baby
for silence

Reborn into
Chronic Waisting Disease

Every Disease
that is named
comes into Fruition

Broken Travelers
Given up the Ghost
and admit

When I endanger
you endanger me


I’ve got blisters on my torso

I love to see you happy
It inspires me
like a man sitting at his sewing machine
making hats
for people he loves

you are so cute
you are so cute he says
over and over
like the stitches
bonding the multicolored fabrics together

asking for nothing but love

this simple request
ties up the most slippery of pigs
into a knot they forgot to enjoy

I claim my awareness
I claim my rights to be
I claim my ability
to see the deer out the window
without looking
I claim this new year
as if it never got old
I claim my sadness
I claim my joy
I claim my indifference
and let that part go!

when I looked in your eyes
wearing the hat I made for you
everything changed
into what I wanted it to

so sad
I have been
while waiting for me to arrive
to where we have never leaft

Large geese fly from north to south
looking for there mate
Honking loudly
so lonely
it makes me cry

Horse spirits from the past
haunt me still
and wisper the goodness
into my soul ear
without stuttering

dog stays steady
knowing he will die

Gods maiden name is ART

Pounding this state of anxiety

into submission

like an unruly horse

laying its ears back

at its food source


unable to make the connection

to the love moment

for lack of work


Dusty trust

  dictionaries rotting

     in the closet

              of cyberspace


words no longer valued

     just abreviated

       to speed up time


Crippled genious

in a world

void of art


shivering artists

stuck in the corner

of blasphemic lies


the pattern

woven in the cloth

of life


Is those with most love

will loose

to take

is not of the nature

of the lover


the footsteps of the nation

have lost compassion

stepping on

what might set you free

crushing the seeds of the plants

meant to sustain

the original fruit

picked off the tree


Adam and eve

never went to therapy

for thier original guilt complex


Who doesn’t want an apple?


when thirsty

you drink

when hungry

you eat


The bible needs to go to therapy

to catch up with the modern way of thinking


I’m not ashamed to naked

around other homosapiens


what is this shame occured

with “original” sin

what a crock

of patriarcal controle

on the nation


Did god really say

don’t eat an apple?


metafore for what?


don’t be free

so I can controle your behavior

from outer space?




christians are savages

savages are human

I am me

you are you

What do you want to identify yourself with?


can you remember

before this polutant

entered your being?


free child seeing

and calling a flower a flower

a tree a tree

love love


when recognized

it need no judgement

it was the word

you never spoke

just felt


How big is your church?

did you need the new addition

to glorify god?

the money you spent

could have fed many who are hungry


Let’s meet in the prarie

void of a roof

but the sky

birds fly by

and remind

we are but one of gods creatures.