I’ve got blisters on my torso

I love to see you happy
It inspires me
like a man sitting at his sewing machine
making hats
for people he loves

you are so cute
you are so cute he says
over and over
like the stitches
bonding the multicolored fabrics together

asking for nothing but love

this simple request
ties up the most slippery of pigs
into a knot they forgot to enjoy

I claim my awareness
I claim my rights to be
I claim my ability
to see the deer out the window
without looking
I claim this new year
as if it never got old
I claim my sadness
I claim my joy
I claim my indifference
and let that part go!

when I looked in your eyes
wearing the hat I made for you
everything changed
into what I wanted it to

so sad
I have been
while waiting for me to arrive
to where we have never leaft

Large geese fly from north to south
looking for there mate
Honking loudly
so lonely
it makes me cry

Horse spirits from the past
haunt me still
and wisper the goodness
into my soul ear
without stuttering

dog stays steady
knowing he will die


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