the day I let the animals into my corall

This glowing june bug
mating with my firefly

giving birth to a 13 legged
flying spider

who parked itself
on speakers corner

where all is valid
free to the listener
and the speaker

As a flying spider
bugs and sustinance
no longer a worry

no longer spending my days
pooping out webs
get blown away by the winds

No more birds
flying through my web
laughing at my efforts

to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild

now my tool of choice

I have a zebra
living in my little finger

I call her pinkie

the crockadile
rests in my groin

the hippo
in my hip
of course

Birds in my brain
chasing bugs

sustaining each other

snakes in my feet
grounding me

Elephants have room
in my torso

Tigers run free
in my left arm

Skunks in my heart
repelling bad energy

mice having sex in my knee cap
to feed the snakes in my feet

Buffalo travel
the length
of my intestines
looking for new pasture

Flowers sprout
from my pretty asshole

Hawlk flies free
in my lung space
catching the updraft
of my breath

Cats sleep
with my lizzards
in my brain

Deer teach my eyes
to see

Girrafe extends
my kneck
to reach the leaves

chickens live in my balls
making fruit

teach me of patience

As the bees polinate
my spirit
for new growth

Bears teach me to dream

Antilope in my stomouch
eat and be eaten
she comes to me
offering food

traveling the length of my body
reporting the good news

honk honk honk

Fish swim in my bladder
asking and telling
not a soul
thier thoughts

frog on top of my head
nestled in my hair
calling for rain

While the vulture
cleans up the mess

without a thank you


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