naked on the beach

I said
small words looking for an owner

well behaved preachers
lonesome in there brd

class wars
end up

my grandma never waisted her time
with this

if i tried to tell you anything
it would backfire

the trouble with trouble is

jesus never cared about
what his clothes looked like

dressing up for church is for children

football games remind of coaches
small children chasing balls
while dog
shows the way
to the punnishment
of commitment

the wounded dog
the homosapien
of awareness with salt

do you love your dog????

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha

my dog lives in my heart

as the people drift
like sea foam
crusty and bubbly scum
trying to be pretty
on top of an ocean
that doesnt care

who is this fault
crying for a story?

blame is the game no one can play

fingers tired and rotting in the wind
as they point at themselves

my beauty awaits
self knowledge

incripted on the oldest of stones
that never told a lie
about how old they were

this curse of self awareness
wares the most beautiful of fabric
to discaim the lie of time

your skin is a temporary vessle
for what you already know you are

I landed on this planet
to share this

your words are more precious than water to a thirsty horse
our hearts make small baskets while yearning for bigger baskets to be possible

It is nobodys fault
guilt is the devils margerin

make a pickle out of the devil

add spice and flavor

the shit will taste better


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