cups half emty

passion made a visit to a lonesome musician
painting a self portrait
with colors not of this world

left alone with the smile of knowing
tears ran down the face of the mountains

the seemingly strong efforts of the caring people
created a vacancy in the hearts of the travelers

inside this
a secret

the patience of the lover
taps the foot
to the blues rythm

glad to have not given it away
the traveller incorporates the dictinary of all time

searching for the word that explains
his heroism

strength has no muscle
but is as weak as the bending willow

clearly the juice of the new milenium
offers a step in a nuetral direction

having colored many pictures
my painting fingers are tired
as so are yours

blisters turn to caluses
hardened softness
hoping to be kissed
redeemed flying a new flag
without war

internal or external

the solution mixing itself
in the peetre dish of opportunity

while the everglades freeze the moment
for all eternity to read


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